About Us


(“Azimation”) is a Malaysian global multimedia design company specializing in the business of "IDEAS" using the medium of 3D animation, 2D and Design artwork for its client.

Fully operational since October 2009, Azimation has entered into an exclusive contract with GHS, the industry leader in " language free " 3D animation safety workshop to undertake the animation and production work. Our 3D animation is widely used throughout the oil & gas industry including many Fortune 500 companies


Azimation has become conferred with Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia status on 22nd October 2010. The status is awarded by the Malaysian government to acknowledge Azimation as a technopreneur, provider and developer of multimedia products and services.

One of the requirements to be an MSC Status Company is to have knowledge based skilled workers contributing towards the MSC development.

Our Clients